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2nd wave peaks May 3rd week; 3rd wave children Dec, can be prevented

Health2nd wave peaks May 3rd week; 3rd wave children Dec, can be prevented

Delhi 340 lost their lives in past 24 hours to COVID, but positivity rates drop ates drop

2nd wave peaks May 3rd week; 3rd wave children Dec, can be prevented

The second wave of COVID has been a tough haul for most Indians with young colleagues passing away, sending shock waves through the nation, and grief is unbearable in India.  In Delhi alone, 340 lost their lives in the past 24 hours to COVID, but the only heartening note of hope is the positivity rates are dropping down in the capital.

Unfortunately, the second wave was triggered by terrible decisions from the top.  Vaccines were low, and it appears that the Center had not ordered more vaccines to be manufacture even up till Marchm2021, despite knowing India’s heavy population, it was a horrible “oversight” and mismanagement from the side of the Center.

While millions of Indians have not yet got the first shot, let alone the second, amid huge rallies and gatherings, new mutants had started to evolve into more toxic variants, and the second wave became fatal taking away young healthy youth as well. The horror of COVID-infected patients gasping for oxygen due to its lack will haunt India forever, and doctors and loves one’s battle through tormented memories of the agonies of wails and cries while the dead were cremated and buried in overflowing crematory grounds and graveyards that had no place for the dead.

For the first in India, known people are dying randomly every day with hospitals running out of beds and oxygen supply, even as crematoriums remain overwhelmed where poor people do not even have money to bury their dead.  Voices are raised in upset again the BJP curbing funds for Christian and Muslims NGO funds from abroad has dried up the help portals which could have enabled the most powerful outreaches from NGOs who have natural inborn skills and experience to reach help the fasted where it is needed.

Presently, the government of India is preparing to boost the vaccination drive to fight the third wave of Covid-19 infections that is expected to hit India in December and anticipated that children will be the main targets.

The government is assuring India that they are gearing up to fight the world’s worst outbreak of COVID-19 scaling up vaccination for its 1.3 billion population, apart from boosting heath care infrastructure as it prepares for the third frightening wave of coronavirus infections, Baijayant Panda, vice president of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said.

“The biggest bet of course we are making is that our vaccination roll out has been scaled up enormously,” the BJP leader, known as Jay Panda, said in an interview to Bloomberg TV Asia on Monday. “By end of the year, we hope to have a majority of Indians vaccinated.”.

It is reported that more than 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines will be available in India between August to December this year, which will be sufficient to vaccinate the entire adult population, VK Paul, a member of the government think-tank Niti Aayog, said last week. India has administered 182.9 million jabs so far.

It is the Center works in synch with the state governments, allowing freedom for the state governments to act accordingly in their deliverance of vaccines and other medical equipment and each state government works with the capacity of a mini country, the vaccination drive will reach every India and medicine and oxygen released in good availability will enable India to overcome COVID-19.  The Center must remember that they are not in competition with the state governments but all warriors working together to destroy the pandemic.

Good networking and the liberty of each State in India will endure that the predicted peak of the 2nd wave in the 3rd week of May will reduce.  The anticipated third wave in December causing deaths of children can be stopped if care, vaccines, and good preparation with powerful task forces are planted all over India, and if the Center gave each state the independence to act as a mini country. This will be good for India all around. Centralized power with a population as vast as ours is worsening our disasters.

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