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Uttar Pradesh wants the resignation of CM Yogi and HC slams Yogi Govt

HealthUttar Pradesh wants the resignation of CM Yogi and HC slams Yogi Govt
Allahabad HC slams Yogi Govt for neglicance & poor handling of COVID
Uttar Pradesh wants the resignation of CM Yogi and HC slams Yogi Govt

The Allahabad High Court slams the Yogi Government for poor handling of the COVID crisis and negligence and the people of UP are calling out for his resignation.

The High Court said this especially in light of the recent bodies found floating in the Ganga and Yamuna, and said, “We can’t shrink away from our constitutional duty to save innocent people from the pandemic which is spreading due to negligence of a few.”

People were being arrested for asking for oxygen because Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath did not want anyone to know that Uttar Pradesh did not have enough oxygen.  The image was more important to him than human lives.

Hundreds of bodies found floating in the River Ganges disturb India during the COVID horror, bodies were presumed to be COVID victims were suspected to have floated from Uttar Pradesh.  Villagers said that they did not have money to buy wood to cremate their dead, thus threw them in the Ganges and Yamuna.

The Honourable Allahabad High Court has directed the authorities to pay at least 1 crore rupees of compensation to the families of the officers who died due to COVID-19 during the UP local body election.

The people of Uttar Pradesh are upset because when they desperately cried for oxygen, hospital beds, ICU, ambulances to save their loved ones, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told the media that everything is fine in Uttar Pradesh.

The people of Uttar Pradesh are saying that he covers the Shamshan Ghat with a tin shed to hide numbers. He warned the people of legal action for taking photos of the cremation sites with piles of bodies, he placed mega banners to block the cremation, he arrested people for begging for oxygen for their loved ones dying,  he arrested journalists for reporting the truth and showing things on the ground, but at the end, he could not hide the dead bodies that floated out openly in the Ganga and Yamuna.

Truth always comes out in the end, and the people are beginning to see Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for what he always, a harsh, dictatorial, thoughtless leader who lied to protect his image even at the cost of lives and they are for the first time calling out for his resignation.

When the courts rule a nation, this means the government has failed the people.



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