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Pill for Soul: Two extreme forces on earth, love and hate, which will win?

IndiaPill for Soul: Two extreme forces on earth, love and hate, which will win?

Pill for Soul: Two extreme forces on earth, love and hate, which will win?
Pill for Soul: Two extreme forces on earth, love and hate, which will win?

The Greeks identified four kinds of love broadly identified as eros: erotic, passionate love, philia: love of friends and equals, storge: love of parents for children, and agape: love for humankind and God.  I am going to share about Agape Love, the greatest force in the Universe.

The two greatest energies on earth are both are extreme and very powerful:  Love and hate.  While love to the world seems weaker and most people take to guns and violence to control the world, the truth is love is more powerful if practiced and the world will transform through the power of love.

This Love is immersed in positive energy while hate drowns in negative energy.  If for example an evil ruler wants to kill masses because he wants to control the population, it may seem to him and his followers that he won, but in reality, hate releases more curses and negative energy everywhere. There will be no healing or blessing on the land.

If people operate in the power of Love, this mysteriously transforms the atmosphere and in turn the nation.  Positive vibes are released.  Study nations that look after their people, help more, and reach out more, where their citizens are well protected.  Because of caring, positive energies start to saturate their country and prosperity and goodness prevails.

The greed, anger and revenge, and hatred of people make their situations worse.  . Humans are terrified to let down their guns, but sometimes, we must and send over a greater message.  True love has no fear because fear is a negative force too.

Humans think Love is a weak compromising emotion, the opposite is true. Love is a positive force that overcomes fear and the negative mantra of hate. Every religion teaches us to be good and kind to each other. While practicing my faith, I am motivated by some of these guiding principles: Unless we love, with God’s Love, called Agape Love, the highest form of Love, we are nothing.

One of the practical things about love is first accepting ourselves as being of worth and value. People with inferiority complexes are often unkind to others. If we know our worth, we would lose fear, enabling us to be kind and inclusive. The concept of forgiveness actually sets us free from the chains of revenge and hatred. A forgiver is always governed by peace and positivity. To quote Albert Einstein, “Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” Gandhiji said, “An eye for an eye will turn the world blind.”

Hatred and unforgiveness erodes into bones and medically have been found to cause diseases such as arthritis, and affect our blood vessels, causing heart problems in many cases. We are losing our lives by living in the frequency of hate. Let us choose to live by the Law of Love which creates a new powerful equation, which destroys negative forces!

Acceptability infuses us with greater responsibility and accountability to the people we live with. It is a greater challenge to be kind to all people, but we reap greater dividends of joy and blessing. Kindness is a key that opens a glorious avenue of possibilities.

Our spiritual faith is integral to our lives and we carry it inside our souls and no one can take it away unless we willingly give it up. However, in our diversities, we have to reach a golden ground where we can meet together, talk together, discuss things together, help each other, laugh and cry together, build ideas, and form plans for the nation. This will not be possible if we keep hurling mud on each other.

In every religion, there will always be a few extreme figures who will make radical statements, but this does not reflect the whole community or ethos of that religion and we need to understand it. I hope we realize that life is not forever and we cannot hold on to our earthly identities, views, land, and properties and we need to get a grip of things in order to unite in harmony to make a better world for all.

We need to stop blaming each other all the time. The blame game is a vicious cycle and it never ends. A nation can never progress if it spins itself in a yarn of blame games.

Let us choose peace.  For peace, we have to make special efforts to unite and love.

What we do on Earth is important if it adds up to eternity. If it equates to hatred, violence, and destruction, then it is useless. In the end, all that remains in eternity is Love.

The greatest Love is called Agape Love

Is powerful, mighty, equipped from above

Love changes darkness to light

Love put the enemies to flight

Love is a spiritual law

Showered in Holy power

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