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Nero fiddled while Rome burned say betrayed Indians during COVID crisis

HealthNero fiddled while Rome burned say betrayed Indians during COVID crisis
Nero fiddled while Rome burned say betrayed Indians during COVID crisis
Nero fiddled while Rome burned say betrayed Indians during COVID crisis

India is raging, but not only with COVID but with anger because there is an overlying sense of betrayal from the government of India who first “deceived” Indians into believing that Corona would go by clanging pots and pans and chanting, led Indian out in mega rallies to vote for them, then assured Indians vaccines were enough for everyone but after 2% were vaccinated, the vaccines ran dry, and now the government abandoned Indians to care for themselves without oxygen, medicines and hospital beds, almost deliberately left to die.

America’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci quoted in the Washington Post said, “India is in such “dire straits” because it made the “incorrect assumption” that they were finished with the Covid-19 and opened up prematurely.”

The Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardha said, “No shortage of vaccines” more than a month back assuring India that vaccines were there for over a billion Indians, and today vaccines are over, with no new productions on way. In fact, the Central government did not even give a fresh order for vaccine productions after March. For a country of over one billion people, this is shocking.

While the BJP supporters and party workers attack anyone speaking of these issues, no one can blame the government for pandemic deaths, but negligence, abandonment and indifference, carelessness, and frivolity in making Central Vista while India is receiving money from other nations is criminal.

The Central Vista costs 20 lakh crores in dollars is equivalent to 2.7 billion US Dollars.  Recently, the USA gave 100 million dollars and earlier the Prime Minister collected 2 billion dollars in the PM Cares Funds for COVID, but what is he doing with all that money while other nations keep donating to India and he keeps indulging in extravagances for himself soaking in his glory with thousands of Indian are dying miserably.

With the highly noxious second wave boosted with new variants, India’s coronavirus death toll crossed a quarter million on Wednesday in the deadliest 24 hours since the pandemic began, as the disease ravaged the nation, reaching rural lands, crashing the fragile rural healthcare system.

Crematoriums and mortuaries are flooded, people are gasping for oxygen, and thousands died for lack of hospital care, oxygen, and medicines.  Funeral pyres are blazing in city parking lots, and hundreds of bodies have washed up on the banks of the holy river with no place to bury the dead, no money or firewood, dead bodies are being thrown into the Ganga and the Yamuna polluting the rivers.

Mournful wailing fills the air as people mourn for their lost loved ones.  COVID warriors are awake all night, barely eat or sleep in order to save lives, trying to arrange oxygen, medicines, food, plasma, and other care.

Deaths increased by a record 4,205 while infections rose to 348,421 in the 24 hours to Wednesday, carrying the tally past 23 million, health ministry data showed. Experts believe the actual numbers could be five to 10 times higher, however.

Many patients have died without a doctor around to issue a death certificate, and many doctors too are not recording  COVID-19 as the primary cause of death even when patients died of COVID, which is misleading the nation on the numbers and death rates.

The new B.1.617 variant found in India could be the culprit but it has to be maintained that crowding without isolation gives rise to new mutants, which India did not follow.

Presently, the rural countryside is getting targeted by COVID and cases are rising.  Visuals of people weeping over the bodies of loved ones in dilapidated hospitals while hundreds camp in hospitals to tend to the sick is overwhelming.

The sorrow and sadness is unbearable, and Indians say, it is like hell on earth, but in the midst of it all when the Prime Minister seems to be obsessed with Central Vista, and other extravagances, abandoning them to die, Indians are starting to compare him to Nero saying “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.”


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