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Daily Pill For Soul – The Miraculous Power of Positive Thinking

IndiaDaily Pill For Soul - The Miraculous Power of Positive Thinking

Our thoughts impact our lives.  Positive thoughts build up the energy of our souls to transform situations while negative thoughts crush us down into the dungeons of despair.

Start with building up good thoughts, because everything starts with the mind and we need to nourish our mind, body, and soul daily to build up our lives with dynamism and strength.

Start each day with a deep breath to thank the Creator if you are spiritually minded and reflect on your blessings with a grateful heart.  Gratefulness is a magnet for miracles!  Our complaining spirits suppress the magnetic power that attracts wonders in our lives.

Stop saying, “It will never happen”, “I cannot” because the more we say these words, the more hopeless we feel and over time, nothing really good seems to happen for us.

If you are sick, envision yourself getting healed and pray to the Creator for health and healing. Never let the feelings of gloom drown you if you are unwell because you will start to sink in the pools of negativity. Positive thinking during sickness releases chemicals and hormones which helps you to heal amazingly.

Think thoughts on how you can create, build and invent and not destroy.  Think of a project or a new work and start doing it. It will release tremendous energy to your soul and give you new strength.

Doing good works has a positive effect on your body and releases happy hormones that make you feel wonderful. Studies show that when people donated to charity released feel-good chemicals.  Studies noted that the portion of the brain responsible for feelings of reward was triggered. This spurs you to perform more great kind acts.

The principle of giving can also build up self-esteem, sense of belonging, and makes you feel more thankful and appreciative of what you have and this, in turn, triggers more positive energy towards you

Focus on the present, and not dwell in the past of bad mistakes nor the fear of an unknown future.

Last but not the least, never let the negative words of other people control you.  Each person is different and their lives are chalked out differently.  Positive thinking opens greater avenues for people. Know that you are the master of your destiny to create pathways in the road you want to walk in. A lot in life is about decisions that transform the path of our lives.


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