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New strains blamed for rise in death rates in India but crowds prime culprit

HealthNew strains blamed for rise in death rates in India but crowds prime culprit

Topping the world is India with the highest number of rise in death rates in India recorded in 24 hours at +3,982 with +412,618 new cases.  While experts blame the mutated coronavirus strain for being more contagious than the original version, is it just the new strain? Is the world ignoring the crowds?

In the last 24 hours, the highest death rate of nearly 4000 in a day is recorded and this is being suspected to the new strains being more virulent.  However, no one is talking about the massive populous gatherings in the recent months as the culprit for the cases and death rises.  Somehow, while weak voices are calling out against the gatherings, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not yet called out for a national lockdown.

Today, scientists have predicted fatalities of the new strains urging a fast vaccine rollout to help curb the death rates.  Presently, India is seeing more than 300,000 new COVID cases a day, and hospitals,  crematoriums and cemeteries, and graveyards are collapsing under massive demands.

In India, unless the Prime Minister calls for a lockdown, Indians will be marching on streets, dancing Go Corona Go, and drive in herds to temples to pray for the virus to go away while performing a host of rituals to chase away the virus clustering together in small spaces and acting as if people who talk about distancing are a species from another planet.

There are countries that have citizens who rant and rave at the sound of a lockdown yelling, “My life, my body, don’t tell me to wear a mask, don’t tell me distance, this is government propoganda.”  Unfortunately, in those nations, the COVID cases and death rates have spiraled very high, but no one seems to be talking about it.

People have faced voices of fury for talking about a lockdown because others say, “If the government could not provide people with oxygen and medicines when they needed it, they would never provide us with food and we will all starve. Indians are terrified of a lockdown for fear of loss of jobs, money, and starvation. People have lost faith in the government.

People faced voices of fury for talking about a lockdown because others say, “If the government could not provide people with oxygen and medicines when they needed it, they would never provide us with food and we will all starve”. Indians are terrified of a lockdown for fear of loss of jobs, money, and starvation.People have lost faith in the governmnent.

While India cannot be in a complete lockdown, most activities have to move to online transactions as we did last year so as to not hamper our economy. However the biggest mistake of the government was to indulge in mass election rallies and allow ceremonious occurrences, mega weddings, movie halls opened, and big yatras started to transpire among other activities.

It is recorded that most Indians remained indoors and the mobility index increased by about 20 percent of the population, so Indian experts blame the new variants rather than crowding, but seem to ignore the populous crowd gatherings over the last few months as the prime culprit for the frightening rise in cases and deaths.

India was in a lockdown in 2020, but when the “prison gates” were opened recently, over the last few months, and frustrated locked-in Indians rushed out in free abandonment in herds, throwing caution to the winds.  Political leaders headed with the Prime Minister held massive rallies with lakhs of Indian attending.  None were distancing or wearing masks and no one ever heard anyone tell them to do so.

This really led to the second wave which was previously predicted but ignored.  The second wave is chaotic with a shortage of vaccines, ventilators, and hospital beds while oxgen life-saving drugs have started coming in from different parts of the country. However, red-tapism held back supply to patients, which led to the loss of thousands of lives.  Such massive human gatherings are selfish acts, being unfair to medical warriors adding to their burden of fighting the pandemic.

Many patients did not die of COVID but die for lack of oxygen!

Many patients did not die of COVID but die for lack of oxygen!

Hospital authorities reveal that there is an overflow of dead bodies from different parts of the country. Crematoriums and graveyards are crowded with dead bodies. There are mass burials and cremations in the same funeral pyres due to lack of space.

Big Events Fed The Virus Such As Farmers Rallies, Yathras, Election Rallies:

While talking about the new variants, farmers too were out in massive rallies for months.  Of course, there were no masks nor distancing. Thousands of devotees thronged together to flout all Corona norms.

Now, India is reporting more than 100,000 cases daily in the past few weeks and when Haridwar hosted the Kumbh Mela yatra, over 2 million devotees participated. Around all the same time, with election rallies, Kumbh Mela yatras and other throng gatherings, the coronavirus cases have risen wildly and uncontrollably across the nation.

It is the huge gatherings all over India that led to this devastation.  Countries all around the globe rose up to help India and the Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has called the situation in India “beyond heartbreaking”

It is frightening that in the terrible swirl of the noxious second wave, massive rallies were blatantly held.  Heaps of dead bodies each day now are waiting to be cremated and buried and such is the amount that their loved burns are creating and burying them on open grounds.   Crematoriums who used to cremate an average of 25 bodies are day now have hundreds and have to turn away the dead.

New Virus Mutants Develop in Massive Crowds:

New variants mostly always breed in crowds more easily.  The crowds are the prime culprit, breeding grounds for the new variants to grow.  These variants are more transmissible than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. Ultimately, children are also going to suffer along with everyone.  This is the price we paid for mule mentality and imbecility walking in herds to strengthen the variants.

While it was propagated that Indians will build herd immunity, this virus works differently, it mutates to escape the immune system in its new variants and enlarges.  In a bid to fight the new variants of COVID-19, now, it seems vaccinations for all are of utmost importance.  However, presently, there are no vaccines and it seems sad that India, the world’s largest vaccine producer has no more vaccines for the anxiously waiting public.

The Third Wave to Arrive in October where Youth Under 18 will be affected:

Now the Supreme Court says, “We need to prepare for the third wave of COVID-19, children will be affected; scientific planning needed”

Now the Supreme Court says, “We need to prepare for third wave of COVID-19, children will be affected; scientific planning needed”

The hair-raising third wave of COVID-19 will strike India in October according to experts and will affect children too, the Supreme Court said on Thursday emphasizing the necessity to prepare for the same including vaccinating people of age groups with young children.

A Bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah said that if preparations are made instantly, we may be able to tackle the third wave for which scientific planning to vaccinate persons would be needed.

“The third surge in India which is around the corner according to experts will affect children. So when a child goes to the hospital, the mother and father will also have to go. That is why vaccination will have to be over for this group of people. we need to plan for this in a scientific way and thus make arrangements,” the Court said.

If we prepare today we may be able to handle it, the Court said.

The Court also urged the government to examine the possibility of utilizing the services of doctors who have completed MBBS and waiting to enroll for PG courses. Their assistance could prove of vital importance for the third wave and the 1.5 lakh doctors and 2.5 lakh nurses sitting at home could be crucial for the third wave said Justice Chandrachud.


Vaccinations and Isolations Will Eradicate COVID-19


Such highly infectious viruses can mostly be destroyed through vaccines.  While a lockdown is crucial to strengthen the vaccination operations, the government must ensure that citizens get food and care and patients get all the possible care and medicines and oxygens.

The state governments must ensure to vaccinate their people as soon as possible amid NO hindrances imposed by the Center.  If each state and chief minister works statewide flying against time, it is possible  Now, it seems vaccinations for all are of utmost importance.

The Supreme Court told the Center that whatever stocks are procured need to reach the hospitals.  “It is not about allocating it to state but also the logistics to see that it is distributed to hospitals,” the Court remarked.

Remember, vaccinations were how infectious polio and smallpox were eradicated? And  In 2014, India was officially declared polio-free after diligent vaccinations over years and in December 1979 smallpox is officially eradicated from the planet.  Through fast working medical teams and COVID warriors, India can ensure a billion are vaccinated within months.  It is possible.


The most fatal pandemic called the Bubonic Plague recorded in human history, caused the death of 75–200 million people, also known as the Black Death which monstrously took away lives where towns were left in eerie deathly silence.  It is said the plague ended through the implementation of quarantines.

We cannot shut down India completely or millions will starve, so while manufacturing and transport go on, work goes on online, we must stop mega-events and gatherings immediately.  Authorities must identify red-hot zones and seal off those areas but the government must ensure people get food, medicines, and oxygen.

As a nation, we must stop politicizing things because, in the bargain, more lives are getting lost. Remember, we are in a global war against Corona together.


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