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Srinivas B.V Congress Chief delivers oxygen, plasma, medicine in answer to desperate pleas

HealthSrinivas B.V Congress Chief delivers oxygen, plasma, medicine in answer to desperate pleas

India is going through an unprecedented crisis with death and despair all around.  We need to also remember that there are a lot of people also recovering and there are heroes behind the scenes such as doctors, nurses, and COVID warriors helping in the frontlines saving lives.  One of them is Chief Congress leader Srinivas B.V Congress who is making waves and an article was written on him by the New York Times which made India proud as he silently and heroically delivers oxygen, plasma, and other urgent medical supplies in answer to the desperate pleas of hospitals and patients.

The COVID-19 crisis is causing the healthcare system to crash because there are no strong networking systems to ensure the medicines and oxygen reach the patients. In a shocking discovery, while foreign aid arrived for India from all around the globe to help in the COVID crisis, the Centre took 8  days to notify SOP as the oxygen crisis intensified causing patients to gasp for air and many patients died in hospitals just for lack of oxygen. Just yesterday, 24 patients died in a Karnataka hospital because there was no oxygen.

The situation was so bad that the Philippines high commission and the New Zealand High Commission dropped SOS to Congress, reaching out to Srinivas B V who arranged for oxygen cylinders to reach the needed sources.

New Zealand High Commission Drops SOS To Congress …www.ndtv.com › All India
1 day ago — Srinivas B V (@srinivasiyc) May 2, 2021. Update- New Zealand high commission opened gates of the embassy and accepted cylinders. … New Zealand High Commission requests SOS help from @srinivasiyc & the Indian Youth Congress

“Humanitarian work is primary, said Srinivas, when he and his team in the Indian Youth Congress were hauled for their amazing outreach, supplying oxygen, food, medical supplies, reaching out to the people who live on the streets.  Srinivas and his IYC team have also in the past reached out to farmers with food and other provisions during the massive farmers’ protests to people during the NRC CAA crisis where people suffered out on freezing nights in Delhi and supplied them with blankets and food. Now, in a wonderful way, Congress and the IYC are trying their best to help COVID-19.

On scrolling down the Congress’ leader timeline, his outreach speaks a powerful story and all one can do is share the tweets and videos because it leaves one speechless to see such a powerful heartening outreach in the midst of absolute chaos and sometimes cruelty inflicted on patients, to hear the wails of sorrow while the Central Government seems to be sleeping with even the foreign aid of oxygen and supplies recently sent not reaching hospitals and patients.

He said, “The administration and systems have collapsed….I have never seen so many people dying at the same time.”

“Mine and my team’s work may be a drop in the ocean — but a drop nevertheless,” he said.

“I am ready to take care of Cremation.”

Kindly share all available details in DM immediately.


#SOSIYC team continues to remain on street with patients, needy & homeless.

I have forwarded this request to #SOSIYC team of hyderabad. We will try to arrange one donor asap. #SOSIYC

Every life is Precious,
Every soul needs to be saved Red heart


Will try to arrange one asap.

– Pls coordinate. #SOSIYC

Update:- #SOSIYC team reached with oxygen cylinder.

Help is on its way for our little champ. #SOSIYC

There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry..

#SOSIYC continues to feed homeless & needy on the streets of Delhi.

No one will be hungry with this resolve today for the fifth consecutive day
Food prepared from Janta Kitchen operated by SMS was distributed to the needy at SMS Hospital Jaipur.#SOSRPYC

Help is on its way. #SOSIYC

Thank you team
Red heart


While GOI fall asleep, #SOSIYC workers continues to risk their lives to save fellow Indians.


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