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Exit Polls: Mamata to retain Bengal, DMK sweeps Tamil Nadu, Left retains Kerala, BJP wins Assam

IndiaExit Polls: Mamata to retain Bengal, DMK sweeps Tamil Nadu, Left retains Kerala, BJP wins Assam

 Elections were held from March 27 in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, and Puducherry.  On the Exit polls 2021, it is projected that Mamata Banerjee has a hold over Bengal, DMK Sweeps Tamil Nadu, Left wins Kerala: Bengals record eight-phase polls ended today. The results will be announced on May 2.

Bengal:  In a cluster of different exit polls, it is predicted that Mamata Banerjee will make it to the majority mark in Bengal where  Trinamool Congress could win 148 of the state’s 294 seats with BJP lagging behind at 131 seats.  Around six exit polls reveals that Mamata Banerjee will touch the majority mark but the BJP’s projected tally is notable.  As often as should be kept in mind, exit polls may not often be correct because these are projections and the votes still have to be counted.

The TMC made powerful inroads in Bengal in 2011 ending 34 years of Left rule and in 2016, maintained power with a more significant majority.

Kerala The Left-led LDF front is liable to preserve power with 85 of 140 seats and the Congress-led UDF will be second with 53 seats, according to the exit polls.  If that proves right, it will be the first re-election for a ruling party.   The BJP is projected to have two seats, the poll of polls says.

Tamil Nadu:  The polls foretell a sweep for the opposition DMK and its allies; they are likely to win a tremendous 165 of 234 seats, the polls say. The ruling AIADMK — the BJP’s ally – will end up with 66 seats in its first state election since the death of its powerful leader J Jayalalithaa in 2016, say the exit polls. MK Stalin’s DMK had scored consequentially in the 2019 national election and aspires to return to power this time after two terms in the opposition.

Assam:  The BJP expected to retain power by winning 72 of 126 seats. The Congress, which fought hard to win back its former bastion, is expected to win 53 seats, according to the polls.

Puducherry:  Projects NDA Leading With 16-20 Seats.

The 2021 elections and also campaigns were held amid the devastating attack by COVID on the country raising questions on the EC and also the BJP’s moral compass for allowing elections, which many felt should have been suspended until the pandemic’s rage was under better control.  The decision by the BJP to continue with elections too might have turned many voters against the ruling party due to loss of lives and a crashing hospital system which became apparent to everyone during the tail end of the elections.

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Mamata to retain Bengal Mamata to retain Bengal Mamata to retain Bengal

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