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Kashmir COVID cases rise, Srinagar’s Khanyar declared as containment zone

HealthKashmir COVID cases rise, Srinagar's Khanyar declared as containment zone
In JK, the situation looks grim as coronavirus cases rise and 23 hospitals are designated as dedicated COVID facilities as infections surge and the administration decided to impose a complete weekend curfew.  In Srinagar, Khanyar area, there are over 50 positive COVID cases found during mass sampling, therefore the Khanyar area among other areas was declared as a containment zone.

“Complete corona curfew to be observed in the Union Territory from 8 pm tonight till 6 am on April 26 (Monday). Essential and emergency services to be allowed. All market, commercial institutions will remain closed,” according to a statement from the Office of LG, Jammu & Kashmir.

The president of Ware House Nehru Market Traders’ Association said the decision to observe a weekend lockdown was taken in view of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

However, he said the association does not endorse the administration’s decision of opening 50 percent shops on alternate days as the general public and the traders do no find it favorable.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Jammu and Kashmir surged to 1,56,344 on Friday as 1,937 more people tested positive for the disease while the death toll climbed to 2,111 with a record daily jump of 19 fatalities, officials said.

They recorded fresh cases include 152 travelers.

While 1,091 new cases were reported from the Kashmir division, 846 were from the Jammu division of the union territory, the officials said.

Jammu district recorded the highest number of fresh cases at 525, followed by 501 in Srinagar and 156 in Budgam.

The number of active cases in Jammu and Kashmir stands at 16,993. So far, 1,37,240 coronavirus patients have recovered from the infection, the officials said.

COVID infection rates over the past seven days have tripled up dangerously to a higher level than two weeks ago, in India. It is said that that was the pace of growth that the U.S.A. last saw in the early days of the COVID outbreak one year back in 2020.

The new variant of COVID, B.1.617 with a third mutation discovered has been reported by medical science labs in Maharashtra, West Bengal and Delhi.  Some medical experts are connecting the sudden surge of COVID to this mutant.  It is yet be discovered in J&K, but there are chances that the surge of the virus all over the country is caused by the triple mutant.

Vinod Scaria, a scientist at IGIB, Genomics said that the proportions of B.1.618 have been growing significantly in recent months in the state of West Bengal, along with triple variant B.1.617.

The unprecedented second wave of COVID-19 along with the discovery of a new triple mutant strain does not appear to be coincidental. Maharashtra where it was initially discovered has the highest spikes of COVID in India.

In the recent months, after a long strenuous lockdown in India, the city gates suddenly flung wide open and caged in masses rushed out in uncontrollable crowds.  Cinemas halls were opened again, and absolutely no social distancing norms were followed. Public parks, gardens and games, restaurants, malls saw no masking or social distancing nor hand wash.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan declared the country “in the endgame of the COVID-19 pandemic” in early March, approximately at the same time COVID cases started to surge again. In fact, the BJP wing and followers went on a rant praising the Prime Minister for his excellent management of COVID-19.  The Kumbh Mela, the largest pilgrimage gathering in the world, was hosted in Uttarkhand this year in April with an attendance of over 2 million people and many tested were found to be COVID positive.

Sadly, even the leaders of the nation did not honor the COVID-19 protocols which have led to the pandemic spiraling out of control in India more evident to all in March and April. While the globe is being attacked by the virus, India’s defenses are being hacked.  The new triple mutant B.1.617 medical scientists believe partially evades immunity.  The heartening news is Covaxin may be effective to quench the new third mutant.

As COVID is sweeping over the country drastically and in many cities, the deceased are buried in the same manner during wartime with mass grave burials and cremations, so vast and overflowing and roads are flooded with ambulances, we must remember that the nation is in a war! A war against Corona.  Declaring areas as containment zones such as in Khanyar and others is very welcome and needed at a time such as this.

On reiterating a point shared many times, the most fatal pandemic called the Bubonic Plague recorded in human history caused the death of 75–200 million people, also known as the Black Plague which monstrously took away lives without mercy. It is said the plague ended through the implementation of quarantines and containment zones.  The virus lives in the air for approximately three hours looking for a host. On not finding one, it will die. Let’s kill the virus by not offering ourselves as human hosts. Fight the war against COVID!


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