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Last year Shahnawaz Shaikh sold his SUV to give oxygen to patients, this year again gave free oxygen!

HealthLast year Shahnawaz Shaikh sold his SUV to give oxygen to patients, this year again gave free oxygen!

Presently, several parts of India are undoing a crisis of shortage of oxygen supply.  All over people are begging for oxygen for their loved ones and there is not enough and it is tragic that many COVID positive patients have lost their lives due to the lack of oxygen.  At this time, Shahnawaz Shaikh, who lives in Mumbai, stepped forth to supply free oxygen for many turning out to be a lifesaver. Last year, he sold his SUV to start an oxygen supply scheme which today continues to save lives amid the devastating pandemic that is presently wrecking India.

Last year, it all started during the first wave of COVID-19, when his friend’s cousin tragically died of the virus.  When Shahnawaz Shaikh learnt that timely oxygen support could have saved her life, he sold his His story gained attention last year after he sold his Ford Endeavour and used the money to buy oxygen cylinders and also medicines for COVID patients.

“Earlier, we were not able to work properly due to lack of funding. I thought things like my SUV can be bought again, what is important right now is to help others,” he said to NDTV. “That’s why I sold my SUV and certain other things, and that’s how we were able to help others.”

He told NDTV while talking about COVID in Mumbai, “Last year when we started, we provided oxygen to 5,000 to 6,000. This year, there is a shortage of oxygen in the city. Where we used to get 50 calls earlier, we now get 500 to 600.”

Mr. Shaikh has touched many hearts, regarded as a lifesaving hero in  Malvani in Malad with his Unity & Dignity Foundation, as it is now named. – and his noble gesture has gained much praise on social media too.

State chief ministers are demanding more oxygen supply from the Central Government and are unable to get enough.  Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Twitter: “India produces 7500 MT of O2 per day, we are one of the biggest producers in the world. O2 shortage is due to lack of logistics to transport it. Govt has failed us. Why did it not make arrangements when a second wave was inevitable? There was time. It’s still not too late..”

It is heartening to see a hero of humanity such as Shahnawaz Shaikh.  Presently, the nation seems to be undergoing some kind of moral bankruptcy with the COVID crisis proving it with people selling oxygen and remdesivir in the black market when people are dying.   When heroes of compassion such as Shahnawaz Shaikh emerge, it inspires others and gives citizens hope.

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