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Congress leader Dr. MB Patil slashed treatment prices by 70% at his hospital, reserved 500 beds for COVID patients

HealthCongress leader Dr. MB Patil slashed treatment prices by 70% at his hospital, reserved 500 beds for COVID patients

INC Congress, Dr. M. B. Patil, MLA-Babaleshwar, former Home & Water Resources Minister of Government of Karnataka has voluntarily slashed treatment prices by 70% at his hospital at Vijayapura, Karnataka, and has reserved 500 oxygen beds for COVID-positive patients.

While the Karnataka Government has fixed a tariff of ₹10,000 per day, Dr. Patil’s hospital is charging just ₹3000.  The nation presently is facing a crisis of lack of hospital beds, oxygen, and the antiviral drug remdesivir.  People all over are pleading for such. A vial of remdesivir is costing up to Rs. 25,000 in the black market so while some people are taking advantage of humanity’s desperation in the pandemic, it is heartening to see compassion and humanity in leaders such as Dr. MB Patil.

Presently the cases are rising to unprecedented highs with +332,503 cases, the highest ever yesterday with +2,256 deaths.  The new discovery of the third mutation B.1.617 is identified amidst drastic surge, along with the mass gatherings and scientists believe B.1.617 evades immunity. With this, the situation in India is deteriorating and death rates are rising.

Dr. M. B. Patil’s gesture is inspiring many people during this very cloudy COVID time.  He is the elder son of Late Sri B. M. Patil, renowned educationist, politician, and statesman. M. B. Patil says that politics is just a tool for bringing societal change. He built a tank-filling project, he has led several other projects which have immensely benefited the society. He founded the Irrigation Movement Committee of the twin districts of Vijayapura and Bagalkot bringing about enhanced irrigation of these two districts. He played a major role in the campaign ‘Congress Nadige, Krishneya Kadege’ in 2012.

M. B. Patil holds a degree in Bachelor of Engineering from BLDEA’s Vachana Pitamaha PG Halakatti College of Engineering. His leadership qualities were evident since his school life. He held various youth leadership positions in his student life. He is skilled in architecture and has a keen interest in public works.

Among a host of other accomplishments, he gives great emphasis to quality education in rural areas to build high-level education infrastructures in the backward district of Vijayapura and this came to fruition with the establishment of BLDE University. Like his father, he believes that education can cure many illnesses of society and sincerely believes that better education is the right of every child in society.

Presently, the BJP is in power in Karnataka charging ₹10,000 per day in government hospitals and Dr. Patil’s hospital is charging just ₹3000.  Congress supporters are proud too of his noble act and say, “In times of crisis, INC is helping everywhere, no matter whether the party is in power or not!”

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Congress leader Dr. MB Patil Congress leader Dr. MB Patil  Congress leader Dr. MB Patil

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