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What's the plan for this year's COP28...

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Jee Main students to take exams in COVID hot spots?

EducationJee Main students to take exams in COVID hot spots?

JEE Main 2021 exam dates have been announced by the NTA and are slated to be held on April 27, 28, 29, and 30 April in various cities across the country.  The JEE Main 2021 exams for the May session will be conducted on the following dates – 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of May 2021.

Students were outraged by this announcement because of the inconsistency of the government postponing and cancelling the CBSE exams while going ahead with the JEE Main, Joint Entrance Examination – Main, formerly All India Engineering Entrance Examination, which is an all India examination conducted by the National Testing Agency.

Sources state that around 6 to 7 lakh students are going to give exams for JEE Mains and the students voice concern that during the surge of corona in India, it is not safe for students to give exams and they demand that the exams be postponed until pandemic is over and things normalize.  They sent out huge placards with “Students life Matters!!!”  Thousands have requested the exams to be cancelled, on Twitter.

Please don’t postponed
Just cancel it

“What is the gov doing??..do they think this is a joke?.. youngster are being more effected in the wave 2..but the gov doesn’t seem to be concerned about students.. remember even our time will come and we wont step back then and listen
#cancelboardexam2021” (sic)

It must be recalled that the most fatal pandemic bubonic plague recorded in human history, caused the death of 75–200 million people, called the Black Plague which monstrously took away lives without mercy.  It is said the plague ended through the implementation of quarantines.

While it is not possible to shut down the nation, it is important to restrict mega-events and gatherings which is not happening now. It is important to identify red-hot zones and quarantine those areas and it is important to promote and help businesses and shops to run to strengthen the economy. A balance has to be maintained. Presently, things are run chaotically and erratically with a different set of rules for different people.

In certain cities in India, there are mass burials and cremations happening all over the nation signifying that the stalking virus is sweeping over the country drastically.

The dead are buried in the same manner during wartime with mass grave burials and cremations, and roads are overflowing with ambulances. India is in a war! A war against Corona, we must not forget. We cannot quarantine India but we have to stop crowds and quarantine hot spots and students exams have to be cancelled until COVID is eradicated. Aren’t the students’ lives more important than examinations?

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