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In Uttar Pradesh, minor Muslim boy flogged by man for drinking water in a temple

IndiaIn Uttar Pradesh, minor Muslim boy flogged by man for drinking water in a temple

In a horrific video circulating around social media, which stirred many netizens to anger, a 12-year-old Muslim boy was brutally thrashed for drinking water from a temple.  The video reveals a man asked the boy his name and his father’s name and then asked him why he came to the temple, when he answered to drink water, he was flogged.

Even as the child fell to the ground, the perpetrator continued attacking him, while the unconcerned camera operator coldly continued to film the assault.

The video was shared widely on social media and with the Ghaziabad Police who identified the man as Shringi Nandan Yadav and they arrested him.

The UP police wrote on Twitter, “Taking immediate cognizance of the above video, the person who formed the team and beat him up – Shringi Nandan Yadav, son Ashwani Kumar Yadav, resident of Gopalpur Police Station, Bhagalpur, Bihar was arrested and the procedure related to case registration / legal action was made,”

Alt News co-founder Muhammed Zubair said that the video clip had been uploaded to a now-deleted Instagram account called “hinduektasanghh”, that had also shared similar posts.   The Instagram post had also tagged Shringi Nandan Yadav, seemingly entertained by the video.

Another update shared by the fact-checker reveals that the Instagram handle was also trying to raise funds from followers to help Nandan Yadav after a case was filed against him.

The event has raised fury among netizens who say in many different words that the hatred has stemmed from the last seven years of aggressive communal politics played by the Central Government.

Someone commented that providing a drink of water to a thirsty soul is considered “Puniya” or a good deed besides other virtues and to deny someone of water is certainly showing no religion.

Another commented: “Heart-wrenching visuals from Ghaziabad “Uttar Pradesh” A Muslim kid was brutally beaten for drinking water in Temple,

The Results are coming out of Telecasting Debates Full of Communal Hatred for the last 7 years on News Channels,

This is how Islamophobia in INDIA is on its peak.”


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