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Free medical camp organized in Kishanganj district with Covid-19 precautions, vaccination awareness drive

HealthFree medical camp organized in Kishanganj district with Covid-19 precautions, vaccination awareness drive

In the backward region of Seemanchal region in Kishanganj district, Northeastern part of Bihar, information about Coronavirus precautions, with intensified vaccination awareness campaigns, free health checkups, with treatment provided to the poor are ramped up.

Kishanganj: In Kishanganj during the era of coronavirus epidemic, the Nasiria Foundation, an organization working on education, health, and social awareness, organized on Sunday a grand free medical camp in Panasi (village), the most backward area of Bihar’s Kishanganj district.

In this precautionary awareness campaign stirring up awareness of the coronavirus vaccination, hundreds of poor people were diagnosed as having various diseases, and free medicines were distributed, checkups carried out and masks were dispensed.

Many hospitals in this medical camp also provided services through their medical teams, most notably the Shanti Nursing Home of Siliguri (West Bengal) and the Royal Medical Hall of Islampur (West Bengal).

Medical experts attended the medical camp which included Dr. Sohaib Akhtar (MBBS, MS, MCh), Dr. Shafi Rizvi (Neuro Surgeon), Dr. Asif Saeed (MBBS, MD), Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Raza (MBBS, MS), Dr. Gopal Kumar Jha (MBBS General) Physician), Dr. Muhammad Asghar Alam (MBBS, General Physician), Dr. Nazim Akhtar (Ophthalmologist) and Dr. Raghib Parvez (Pediatrician).

Aim is to provide diagnosis and treatment to poor patients who are usually deprived of medical facilities

Dr. Sohaib Akhtar, on highlighting the objectives of the camp said, “Our aim is to provide diagnosis and treatment to poor patients who are usually deprived of medical facilities.

He also said, “This is an area where basic medical facilities are not available, so almost all basic tests have been arranged in the camp.”

In this camp, many such patients visited who never went to a doctor, and when there were asked its reason as to why they never needed to consult a doctor, they replied they could not afford the treatment expenses and that government healthcare facilities are not available to them.

The free medical camp held every year here also attracts a large number of patients who are diagnosed with diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure on the spot. Organized under the supervision of Dr. Sohaib Akhtar, a renowned plastic surgeon of Siliguri, teams of expert doctors from various hospitals and volunteers of the Foundation provide their voluntary services.

Backward district of Bihar

It is noteworthy that such free medical camps in this area of Bihar is always required to be conducted because this area of Kishanganj district is extremely backward where not a single government hospital or clinic is available where even basic healthcare services are provided to the poor people for free.

A prominent member of the Nasiria Foundation said, “Kishanganj is a locality in Seemanchal district of Bihar, where there is still no proper sanitation available to the people and clean drinking water is hardly accessible. This has caused people to suffer from various diseases.”

Nasiria Foundation runs free medical camps at various places where poor patients are treated free of cost. The free medical camp is organized every year for the last five years at Madarsa ground in Panasi village where hundreds of patients are treated free of cost.

Dr. Jalis Akhtar Nasiri, President of Nasiria Foundation said, “Such free medical camps are required in this part of Bihar because this area of Kishanganj district is extremely backward where there is not a single government hospital or clinic where such poor are treated.

He said, “There are many poor people in this backward area who die due to lack of healthcare facilities for their diseases and those close to them do not even come to know the cause of death.”

Coronavirus (Covid-19) awareness campaign

The world has been facing the Coronavirus pandemic for the past year. There has also been rumors among people about the coronavirus. Nasiria Foundation Secretary Mufti Zulfaquar Ahmed Ashrafi said, “Information about anything should be obtained from reliable sources, not from rumors; any rumors about the epidemic should be ignored and opinions of its experts must only be followed.” For debunking false rumors, the Nasiria Foundation has, over the past year, distributed pamphlets, worked with small workshops, and has had online activities for the dissemination of accurate information to the public.”

Covid vaccination awareness campaign

Just as there are many rumors about Coronavirus, the rumors about Covid vaccination are also going the round. Nasiria Foundation has been in touch with various doctors, pharmaceutical scientists, and other experts to get accurate information about this and divulge the same to the public. The Foundation has always believed that the source of information must never be rumors, but that the focus on reading the right material should be elucidated and the relevant experts on the subject should be consulted.

While the medical camp provided information about the Coronavirus epidemic and precautions to prevent the pandemic, it also sought to raise awareness about the safety of vaccination.

Camp’s supervisor Dr. Soheb Akhtar said in his statement on the vaccination that there would always be rumors about vaccination. It is imperative to ignore such rumors and get vaccinated whenever they get their turn. He said, “This will help not only you but your community to be healthy as well.” He even went on to say that he himself got vaccinated and his antibodies have started forming. He said, “Covid vaccine is completely safe.”

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