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13 Israelis complain of face paralysis after Pfizer vaccination

Health13 Israelis complain of face paralysis after Pfizer vaccination

96 people faced complex problems after Covid vaccination and 24 have become permanently disabled. Moreover, 225 people were hospitalized and 1388 required emergency health services.

Jerusalem: At least 13 people in  Israel have reported mild paralysis in the face after the Pfizer company’s anti-covid vaccine. Health Ministry officials were quoted as saying.

According to YnetNews, doctors speculate that there may be an increase in such cases, and have expressed doubts over the introduction of another dose of this vaccine in view of such side effects.

According to reports, the Health Ministry has said if the condition of these people improves, then only a second dose of Coronavirus vaccine will be administered.

In November last year, the Israeli government signed an agreement with Pfizer and BioNtech for 8 million Covid vaccine doses, and since the country has undergone vaccination, more than two million people have been vaccinated.

Two Israeli elderly people have also died after taking the Covid vaccine. Media reports suggest that 96 people have suffered serious complications after taking the Coronavirus vaccine and 24 have suffered permanent disability. In addition, 225 people had to be admitted to hospitals, and 1388 people needed emergency health services.

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